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Online casinos abide by ban on BNs in advertising

The Dutch Gaming Authority has revealed that Dutch online casinos respect the ban on Dutch celebrities in advertising and have stopped using them since last summer's ban. However, it did have to issue warnings from, presumably, unintentional use of a famous person.

Since the summer, online casinos in the Netherlands are no longer allowed to feature Dutch celebrities in their advertisements. Previously, this was done in abundance and you could see Andy van der Meijde, Wesley Sneijder and others well-known figures passing by daily in commercials on TV or social media. Now that it is no longer allowed, casinos have to be creative and think of other ways to attract players to their live casino or roulette table.

Since its introduction on 30 June, the Ksa has had to issue 2 warnings. Another voice of a well-known person was used by 2 parties in an advertisement and a podcast. After warning, the parties immediately stopped using this voice. Had they not done so, the Ksa could have imposed a fine.

Despite all parties having stopped at this point, the Kansspelautoriteit will continue to carry out checks.

However, the Kansspelautoriteit and the Dutch government do seem to have double standards. Namely, not all forms of casino software are banned from known persons. Indeed, in lotteries such as the State Lottery, Lotto and charity lotteries are excluded from this ban. They can simply continue to use celebrities, sportsmen or influencers to promote their form of gambling.

The future gets even tougher for online gambling websites when it comes to promotion and advertising. Now that Dutch celebrities have been excluded, the measures will be even tougher over the next three years. For instance, these advertisements will soon be banned from TV and eventually sports clubs will also be excluded from advertisements. This while sport was one of the main ways for casinos to advertise.

One Casino next with a Dutch licence

The Dutch online gambling market is becoming increasingly crowded. Recently Betnation was already added to the list, now with One Casino, the 23rd online casino with a Dutch gambling licence is authorised by the Kansspelautoriteit. Despite receiving the licence this week, the casino is already trying to go live in the Netherlands within a week or two.

One casino is already online in other countries there it now has an extensive range of slots and live casino games. So it is purely a casino, sports betting is not in it. When it comes to casino slots, they work with the best casino software providers available online. As a result, you can assume that the casino games on offer are of a very good quality. The casino also has a live casino games offering, something that is a must these days to keep customers happy.

With its arrival, the Dutch market is becoming increasingly crowded, something that is obviously an advantage for online gambling in the Netherlands. With fierce competition, online casinos have to try harder and harder. This will probably also make them more creative with fun casino bonuses and other promotions to bring in Dutch customers.

As it looks now, One Casino can also work on their name recognition on TV after 1 January 2023. Minister Franc Weerwind's intention was actually to ban untargeted advertisements from 1 January, which would make them disappear from the tube by 1 January 2023. However, the bill is not yet ready and not yet approved. As a result, this law will be delayed for now. Something that will be good news for new online casinos. After all, the increasingly strict measures are making advertising increasingly difficult.

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